HairCare & Maintenance

Natural hair care: 
It is a "must have" to have a Haircare regime.
Whatever your texture, having a haircare regime is essential in order to maintain a good hair.
Every individual is different, a hair care regime that works for Josephine might not work for Patricia.
I will be dishonest if I claim to know what your hair care regime must be. Please get to know your hair.
Because if you know your hair, you will know the right haircare regime for your hair.
However there are the basics, and one basic rule of thumb is moisturization. Although you may think your hair to be a bunch of dead follicles or cells on your head, your hair is actually alive because it grows.
This is why drinking lots of fluid is important.
You may ask yourself "what temperature of water is best for washing my hair"?
I will say cold if you can bear it, but if you can't, then warm or room temperature water.
This is because cold water keeps your pores closed making it strong and manageable while hot water opens your pores making your hair weak, dry and frizzy.