About Us

The name NapNaturals  was a seed birthed from a website I built 9 years ago called Benappyhappyandnatural. Yes, it was a mouth full. The intent of the website then was to inform individuals about overall personal care but mainly about hair. I believe a Lady's hair and her appearance means a great deal to her. How she feels reflects in her appearance. Most women believe having a bad hair day equals a bad day. Being able to empower women has played a major role in most of the decisions I have made in my career. I also believe being natural means different things to different people. And if a person chooses whatever way to be natural as long as that person is happy then why not? Who am I to judge how or what a person defines as natural? If there are only 19000 days left for the average person on planet earth, then why don't we live life and get the best out of it instead of the other way round? Let's Live a Little more, not a Little Less.